Bathroom update

…I’ve had this post in the queue for a week now, so I thought I’d finally post it…We’re painting today so I’ll share that once we’re finished!

A little over three weeks ago, we found a leak in our bathroom. Somewhere underneath our tub, water was seeping out and puddling just in front of our bathroom door. We would need to remove the whole drop in tub to see what was actually going on under there. Thankfully this happened right before the Thanksgiving break so we had 5 solid days to demo, tear out the tub, buy all of the materials and cut and screw in the hardie board. For someone who has never remodeled anything, I thought it went relatively fast! Things have slowed down since then, but it’s just about ready for paint and tile. Here are a few pictures of the progress so far…

At this point, I was really worried about what we would find underneath the tub. I figured the leak had been happening for quite some time. I knew it was a slow leak, but a leak nonetheless. I thought there might be mold or rotten wood…

We lifted the tub, and to my surprise it was pretty clean under there. There were a few pieces of wood that needed to be replaced, but there was no black mold or anything like that.

This is ultimately where we figured the leak was coming from. Once we starting digging out the drain a little bit, we learned quickly that the pipe that was connected to the main drain pipe had pretty much disintegrated and was no longer funneling water to the drain line. We dug out about two feet of dirt and tar mixer, replaced the old pipe with a 2” pvc pipe and filled in the hole with quickrete sand(I learned that you do that to keep bugs out).

Also, SharkBites are amazing! We used the caps while we were in between removing and replacing the shower hardware so we could still have functioning water in the house… saved us a ton of time! And they are legit! They are VERY hard to remove, even with the little SharkBite key.

We ended up using SharkBites and Pex tubing for connecting the water line to the shower.

At least two of the rooms in this whole house are popcorn free…
Not pictured:

  • We removed the toilet and will replace that very last. We are currently living out of our guest bathroom.
  • Breaking up and removing our bathroom tile.
  • taping the joints and sealing them.
  • Drywall work. Taped, mudded, and retextured the walls.

Next up:

  • Paint-I think we’re going to stick with our original paint color Behr: Silver Drop
  • Decide on our tile/grout
  • Lay tile and grout
  • Install glass shower wall
  • Replace toilet!

I think we’ve narrowed our tile decision down to these subway tiles and going with the big ones…. White or blue?! I figured both are classic and fitting for a bathroom. (not the best lighting, but the blue looks more like this)

What do you think?


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