Tis the season to be giving

Back in October I started planning for Christmas and wanted to get a jump start on shopping. I got to thinking and I realized I didn’t want or need anything for Christmas this year. I told Scott how I felt and asked if he would be interested in sponsoring a family instead of swapping gifts with each other. He didn’t need any convincing, and quickly agreed to the idea. I didn’t have an organization in mind yet, we just knew we wanted the gift exchange to be anonymous and for all communication with the family go through the organization. After a quick google search, I found LifeWorks. They have a program called Project Holiday Help. You fill out a quick donor application online with your requested family preferences, like size of family, age of family members, etc. Once you fill that out, you’re assigned a family, given a brief description of family members, their needs(ex: clothes, shoes, sizing, preferred colors) and their wants(ex: frozen dolls, toy action figures, books, art supplies). Once you have your list you’re free to go shopping! The whole process was painless, and well organized. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that is interested in adopting a family for next year!

One full day of shopping and that was my haul

I had waaaay too much fun shopping for little girls clothes!

Gifts all wrapped up and ready to be delivered

Delivered gifts to LifeWorks South campus
This Christmas I’m thankful that we are able to donate and give to a family that truly is in need.


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