Hello bathroom remodel

We got a not-so-pleasant surprise on Saturday. I was doing some cleaning around the house when I noticed a little puddle of water was near the bathtub that eventually made it’s out the door and onto the carpet. At first we were confused as to where the water was coming from, considering the huge amount of rain we got here in Austin over the weekend. I thought maybe there was a leak and the side yard was flooded. But after further investigation, we found that it was coming from somewhere underneath our tub/shower. We have one of those drop in tub/shower things, so we won’t know where exactly the leak is coming from until we remove the whole thing.
We’re going to start the demo on Wednesday(tomorrow!) and hopefully get our bathroom remodel plan finalized over the Thanksgiving break. We’re going to work on it throughout the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday. I have never done any sort of remodeling, so I have no idea how long it will take us or when it will be finished! But we have a few ideas in mind for what we want to do with the space. Thinking of removing the tub and creating a double shower stall, with either a glass door or sliding glass doors. I like the idea of subway tile too! Here are a few inspirational photos I’ve been sending Scott over the few days… Just looking at the shower layout, not necessary the design of these images.

Beautiful glass shower tile, 3x6 in 'Surf' green.

Have you ever done a bathroom remodel? Any tips for me? Or should we just hire a contractor? haha


6 thoughts on “Hello bathroom remodel

  1. Have fun, and know when to walk away from your husband (and maybe hand him a beer). :) We remodeled ours, but only from a cosmetic standpoint. We didn’t do anything different with the tub/shower. But still…painting, electrical, new mirrors… it ended up taking at least 3 weeks longer than planned.

  2. Um…it all depends. I’ve finished one and have two more to go. Total gut of a complete house too. If you are really particular and have the time do it yourself. If you can find a really good contractor (that’s pretty rare) they can get it done much, much faster. I’m 5+ years in my reno and we haven’t moved in yet.

    1. Hi Curt! Thanks so much for the tips! We gave it 5 solid days of work while we were off for Thanksgiving, and we’re pretty much ready for tile!! I’m curious how many days it will take us to complete it. I’ll be sure to post before and after pics! I can’t imagine doing a whole house, you’re a brave one!

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