Pet Peeves

I wouldn’t say I have a lot of pet peeves, but there are certainly some things that just tick me off! Let the rant begin.

Not following through with plans- If we make plans for whatever reason, please don’t cancel them! That’s what planning is for. and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t lie as to why you canceled them. We’re adults… come on.

When people complained that they have too much (fill in the blank) to do, but when you offer help, they decline– Ok, then stop complaining.

Auto correct on the iPhone-Specifically well to we’ll and vise versa.

“Perfect” appearing lives on facebook-It’s a pet peeve, but it’s also very funny to me…smh

Skinny Jeans– On me! I think they’re the cutest things on others, but I have the hardest time finding skinnies that fit my legs!

Mean drivers on the road-People think their cars make them invincible, and they’re the most inconsiderate assholes! Just because you’re in your car doesn’t mean you get to be rude!

… and I think I’ll stop there.

Do you have any pet peeves?

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6 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Oh I have more pet peeves than there is space here to list!!! The ones you listed on also on my the top of my head a main pet peeve are people who talk LOUDLY on their stupid cell phones while in public. I don’t want to hear that noise!! I bugs me when people don’t walk their dogs on a leash and think my 100lb rottie pups are cute and ignore the short leash and tense posture! No…that growl is not a “come pet me noise”. It is a pet peeve when people ask me a question but don’t wait for me to answer…ok..see? I’ve got a lot! :)

  2. I cannot find skinny jeans either!!! I look terrible in them! I have tried every brand that I could think of but they just don’t fit. I can’t wait for them to go out of style!

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