My favorite fall recipe

Green bean casserole! I know it’s not only a fall dish, but it always reminds me of fall/Thanksgiving and I have perfected this recipe!!! Every time I make it for a group, I always have people asking for the recipe.

 photo greenbeancasserole_zps0df43e0b.jpg

A fall recipe that I have had pinned forever that I’m so anxious to make this year is pumpkin chocolate chip bread! Doesn’t it look amazing?

Perfect Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread

What’s your favorite fall recipe??

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5 thoughts on “My favorite fall recipe

  1. I know a lot of people love this dish for Thanksgiving, but I just can’t with green beans! My mom puts french’s fried onions on top of hers, does this call for it? They make it a little more tasty, for me at least! ;)

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