Best/worst vacation

I’ve had quite a few great vacations, but there is only one that comes to mind for my worst.

Worst vacation: Carnival Cruise

Note: Not the actual ship I was on!

I was about 13 when my family and I took a carnival cruise through the Caribbean . That’s all you need to know right? haha kidding. Some people love cruises, but I, on the other hand, really REALLY dislike them. I used to love them! But after my second cruise as a 13 year old, I swore them off. Long story short, we cruised through a hurricane on our way out and on our way in. The ship was literally rocking left to right to where you would look out the window and see either all sky or all ocean. It was a nightmare! I told myself that was the last time I would be a passenger on a cruise!

Best vacation: A week of skiing at Wolf Creek

photo (2)
I’m typically one for bright and sunny beachy vacations, but one of my favorite vacations was our trip to Wolf Creek the past February. Scott is an avid skier, and I’ve become his little partner in crime on the slopes. We usually go to Angel Fire, NM or Taos, NM but we wanted to try something different this time. We looked into Wolf Creek because it’s only 2 hours further and we could bring our dogs!!! We stayed in the most adorable little cottage, between the town Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek ski resort. The skiing was amazing, it was not crowded, and a really quaint ski area! It’s definitely been my favorite place to ski this far!

Our next trip is planned to Feb 2015 for a Hamilton family ski trip to Telluride, Co!

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5 thoughts on “Best/worst vacation

    1. Cruises are fun other than that hurricane that one time! It’s left me very skeptical! I’ve come to love skiing too! I’m not a fan of cold weather, but skiing really warms you up! Especially if you have boot warmers ;)

  1. Omg Brooke, i love that photo of you on the ski surrounded by that pretty winter wonderland. It’s one of my most fav things in the world, when it looks like that during winter. Not having it that beautiful where i live…
    oh and a horrible story of that cruise ship…i’d feel sick all the time probably & hate it…
    Luchessa @

    1. The weather is not like that where I live either but it’s definitely a spot I can visit though… and Oh yes. The cruise was just terrible. I guess the cruise itself wasn’t too bad, it was the weather that literally rocked my world! I was real sick and felt horrible. The trip definitely scarred me!

  2. I’m with you there! I do not like cruises… I don’t like looking outside and seeing the rail fly above or below the horizon. I’ll stick to my cold weather, I think it’s more fun anyways!

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