One thing I can’t live without

I didn’t know which way I wanted to go with this answer… So I asked my husband for some inspiration. His answer for me: Sour Candy. I think he nailed it. I’ll take all of the sour candies, please! Some of my favorites: Sour patch kids, Sour belts, that I can only seem to find at candy stores, zours, and sour patch watermelons.

sour candies

His answer: Coffee… A close second for me!  My favorite is Independance Coffee Co.-Madelyn’s backyard pecan. Independence is sold at HEB and Whole Foods, or you can order online!

The Daily Tay


What’s one thing you can’t live without?


9 thoughts on “One thing I can’t live without

  1. Coffee would totally do it for me, if there wasn’t tea in the world ;) But Sour Candy doesn’t sound bad at all, even though my first pick would be chocolate covered fruits…:)

  2. Oh yes, sour candy!!! I love it, too. In Germany there used to be sour mushrooms, that you could buy for 5 cents a piece. I sometimes ate so many of them, my gums started to bleed! Totally worth it.

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