Dream job as a kid

preschool grad

I’m not sure I would say this was my dream job as a child, but I LOVED pretending I was a grocery clerk or a teacher. I had huge dreams guys!!!

I would get my grandma to come into my homemade grocery store and pick up items to “check out”. I would then ring up her things at my register and say “beep” every time I scanned something.

School was my favorite though. I would be the teacher and I would teach 25 other (invisible) students. I even made individual report cards for each student. I had a blast. My grandpa would drive around to garage sales and score all sorts of fun teaching accessories. He hit the jackpot one morning when he come home with a huge chalkboard. I felt really official once I had my very own chalkboard!

But one job I specifically remember wanting as a little girl is to be a mom! As cheesy as that sounds!!! I remember an activity I did did in Kindergarten that asked me the same question…”What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I filled the blank with “mom.” And that still holds true to this day! I’m not a mom yet, but I’m hoping to become one in the future!

As for my job now… I’m a customer service rep working for the State of Texas. But before I was working for the state, I worked as a cashier at Home Depot, and I went to school to become a teacher and student taught. Looks like I’m doing a pretty good job of fulfilling my childhood dream job!

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7 thoughts on “Dream job as a kid

  1. Your dream jobs are super well rounded! I loved school and ‘store’ too! Gosh, those imaginary games were the best. They would go on for HOURS!

    And yay for Texas! I found you through the linkup ;)

  2. Good for you for keeping on track with your dreams! I definitely played ‘grocery’ a lot too as a kid, but after working in retail for years I can say with certainty: not my dream job.

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