If I won the lottery…

It’s October and a fun blogging challenge is kicking off today! I came across the Blogtober challenge and am jumping on the bandwagon. The goal is to blog everyday during the month of October and follow the list of prompts. I’m fully aware that I most likely will not be posting every day, but it’s still fun to write about the different prompts and link up and share.

Today’s prompt, if you couldn’t guess from the title of this post, is to write about what you’d do if you won the lottery.

Of course I’ve always thought about this, but it’s never actually been a reality because I don’t play the lottery! :-/ You’ve got to play the lottery if you want a chance to win! But for the sake of imagination, I’ll share with you what I would do!

If we won the lottery we’d probably buy a house without any remorse! The Austin market is pretty depressing these days for the average person trying to buy a house that’s actually IN Austin. My dream house would consist of a front porch with a rocking chair, 2,500 sqft, 4 bedrooms, huge his and her closets, open concept, white kitchen, upgraded hardware and look something like this…

We’d also purchase a vacation home in the mountains somewhere, probably Colorado with a similar look to this house….

Oh and of course we’d travel until our hearts are content!

And the Scott in me would probably save and invest the rest. I know, we’re boring. But that’s seriously what we would do! Although I’ve never really asked him, I’m sure he feels the same.

….Snapping back to reality now. Wow, I got carried away scrolling through picture after picture of gorgeous home inspiration on Houzz. Have you ever been to that website? Talk about time consuming!

The Daily Tay

6 thoughts on “If I won the lottery…

  1. If only we had better chances at winning the lottery than losing :) As soon as I click on Houzz.com I know I’ve lost a few hours of my time. Your dream home looks gorgeous, maybe one day! haha

  2. This looks fantastic! I think I would end up doing the same If I won the lottery. Ha Ha! Only, Adam and I have talked about moving up close to Canada.. Buying a bunch of land and just enjoying nature.

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