Wedding registry gift ideas

wedding registry

I know when I was registering, I was completely lost and unaware of what to register for! Of course there are 100’s of check lists all over the internet, but I wanted to compile a few of my favorite  items that I’ve found that are just plain awesome. After a year of marriage, I have come to realize some of these things I couldn’t go without! Whether your adding to your registry or shopping for a gift, these are all things any couple could use.

1. Conair Steamer– I will never iron again! This product has saved me tons of time, and has left my clothes clean and wrinkle free. Highly recommend adding this handy steamer to your registry. Also, use distilled water.

2. Salad spinner-I had no idea I would use my salad spinner as much as I do. It is so convenient! To think I used to not wash my lettuce, yuck! It really does a great job with getting all the dirt out of there.

3. Monogram Tote-This was actually gifted to me by from my friend Annie, and I have since gifted it to three other couples as a wedding gift. We have already gotten SO much use out of ours. It’s a great idea, especially since it can be customized! We refer to ours as the Hamilton tote.

4. Everyday dishes-We opted out of registering for china and went with everyday dishes instead. You have no idea how nice it was to have a complete set of dishes, serving up to 12 people! Not sure when we’ll be hosting 12 people at one time, but we are fully prepared for it, dishes wise.

5. Butter dish-You may be thinking…what? But before we had a butter dish, we had to keep butter in the crisper door, wrapped up in it’s nasty paper wrapper. That was just annoying and messy. I actually really love our butter dish. Plus there’s a lot of really cute/fun ones out there that would make a great gift.

6. Unique salt and pepper shakers-There are a lot of really unique salt and pepper shakers out there too. Some not so practical, but could always be used for decoration.

7. Quit/bedding-I lucked out in the aunt department when I married Scott…Aunt Connie is super talented and made us a custom quilt as our wedding gift. Bedding is always a good option for gifting or registering. It’s obviously used daily, so you know it will get a lot of usage.

8. Electronic wine opener-I can’t for the life of me open a bottle of wine without ruining the cork, or getting it stuck in the bottle… Never fails. The electric wine opener just makes it easier! Not a necessity, but nice to have.

9. Specialty champagne flutes-It’s nice for a couple to receive these at a shower before the wedding so they can use them during all the toasts! We use ours for nice dinners at home and on our anniversary.

10. Cake knife/server– Same goes for the knife and server. We used ours at the wedding for the cake cutting. But they still get everyday use with cake cutting and pies at home. It’s fun to have something as a reminder of your wedding day that you’ll have forever.


11. Sonicare Toothbrush-Not pictured, but totally worth a mention. The sonicare toothbrush is something Scott and I both LOVE having. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize how much you love it until you have it. It’s a great item to add to your registry.


2 thoughts on “Wedding registry gift ideas

  1. A nice monogrammed tote is such a great gift idea!! We got one, and it has traveled with us on just about every trip. Thirty One totes (with matching cooler bags) also make great gifts for couples who hit the lake often. I love giving those as shower gifts, with fun matching towels. Great post!

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