How to be Popular in the Cube World

I went to a “Workplace Communication” seminar a few weeks ago on how to communicate with your coworkers in the form of written, verbal and non verbal communications. At the end of the presentation, they gave us a handout on “how to be popular in the cube world.” Well some of these things on this list couldn’t be more true! I have to share. I know some of y’all out there work in the cube world, and you have witnessed some of these things…

Don’t enter another person’s cubicle unless you are invited.

Don’t interrupt someone who is on the phone by using sign language or any other means of communication.

Think twice before interrupting someone who appears deep in thought.

Remember that speakerphones and cubicles don’t mix.

Don’t discuss confidential matters in a cubical.

Find a private place to make or receive personal phone calls.

Your cubicle is a direct reflection of you. Keep it neat and orderly.

Avoid strong perfumes.

Keep your germs to yourself.

Always hold yourself to a higher standard, no matter your job or your title.

Treat every employee with the same respect.

Mind your own business.

If you are having lunch at your desk, make sure you’re not disrupting others.

Don’t borrow items from other mates in the office without letting them know.

Don’t be a whiner who complains all the time.

Don’t read other workmates memos, notes or faxes.

Practice good hygiene but please not in public. Hair brushing, eyebrow plucking, flossing etc. should be done in the restroom during your lunch hour.

Don’t gossip(huge in my office!)

Don’t play music at your desk during business hours. If you have to, use headphones.

You can place pictures of your family, friends and relatives on your desk, but limit to 4-5 pictures.

Don’t tell off-color or dirty jokes.

Aren’t some of those so funny and TRUE?! I love that we have these seminars and trainings, but disappointed that nothing really changes in the office. Cheers to being positive?! haha


2 thoughts on “How to be Popular in the Cube World

  1. These are so true! When I first started my current job, we were in cubes. I’m lucky that we’re in private offices, but that is set to change next year when I move into our new campus. Ugh. Loud talkers were my biggest pet peeve!

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