Gone Girl: Book review

Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

I don’t even know where to begin with this book. It seriously was all over the place, but in a good way. I’m not too sure how this review will read, but just trust me, it’s definitely worth your time! I could not put it down!

It’s formatted like diary entries and short chapters that go back and forth between the characters, Amy and Nick. They are a happily married couple, living in New York, working in journalism. Throughout their five years of marriage, things have not gone as planned. One year they’re living in New York, working their dream jobs, the next they’re jobless, moving to Nick’s home town to help care for his parents. By the fifth year of marriage they are financially unstable, bitter about their marriage, and are showing their “true” colors.

You find out on their fifth anniversary that Amy goes missing.

and we all know from watching LMN that the husband is always the one to blame…Right?

Maybe that’s the case in this story, maybe not. I’ll let you find out for yourself! I will say it’s not the typical murder mystery you might be imagining.

It’s a psychological masterpiece where every little detail matters. This author had me hating one character one minute, then feeling sorry for them the next. I truly did not know where this story was going. I was blindsided with the first plot twist and was hooked until the end.

In my opinion, I didn’t like how the story ended. Not saying it’s a waste of time or anything, just think it got wrapped up too quickly. I like my version better :)


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