Dog talk

Two days ago I came across this buzzfeed. It made me cry. A lot.

It reminded me of my dog Lucky, the dog we had growing up. She had three legs too. It also reminded me of our black lab/pit mix, Mac, who would also love to eat cheeseburgers on his last day. It made me think of our dog Melvin, the first dog that’s ever truly been mine. But it especially made me think of how much I will miss them when they’re gone.
iphone pictures 017
water bucket
Dogs are so special to me. Mac and Melvin in particular. It scares me to think about a time when they won’t be with us anymore. I’ll miss the times when Mac does everything in his power to avoid my kisses, and times when Melvin smothers us with licks. I will miss taking them on walks, separately of course, because they can’t handle walking together. I’ll miss when Mac grunts at me and when he gives me cuddles. I’ll miss Melvin’s playfulness and his hugs.
iphone pictures 026

iphone pictures 089

iphone pictures 090

iphone pictures 251

But for now, I’m going to enjoy as much time as I can with these monsters. Dogs are the bestest friends a person can have!


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