Enhance your employability with marketable skills

Joining the workforce right after college can be very…. daunting. and Scary. and Nerve-wracking. and Intimidating… and the list goes on! I only say that because I myself have felt those same feelings! I’ll be the first to say that applying and interviewing can take you out of your comfort zone in a jiffy!

BUT wait

There’s hope for you! There are multiple websites and resources out there to help prepare you for the workforce and to help develop your skills. And with the right skills, you are golden!

That’s where webucator comes into the picture. They’re an online resource that provides web-based technical and business training.  Last week I was contacted by one of their representatives to be a part of their “Most Marketable Skill” Campaign. I jumped at the opportunity, because I find it very helpful to read real life people’s advise through blog posts and I was happy to participate.

iphone pictures 049
That’s me going to my first job interview post-college. (and Mac)

While I was thinking about the most marketable skills one can have, I had a hard time finding just one that I felt was more important than the others. But then it hit me.

No matter what the job, these skills are ALWAYS needed and are just as important.

Applied Skills

…Okay, so that’s kind of broad.

Let’s focus on the important applied skills that I think are most marketable.

These skills can’t be memorized. They can’t be studied for.

You just have to know them and know how to apply them.

  • Professionalism, being polite, respectful and having good judgement for the job at hand
  • Being accountable for your choices, behaviors, and actions
  • Work ethic, which can be described as effective work habits such as punctuality, time/workload management, and effective team work

These are skills that all young professionals need to take serious note of. These skills will make you a well rounded candidate for employment and will show that you mean business!

Hope you find those skills helpful and thanks for reading!

“Success is not what you have, but who you are.”- Bo Bennett


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