Father’s Day weekend

Monday came too soon this morning after such a wonderful weekend filled with family, fun, love and celebrations! Sometimes with divorced parents and in-laws, it can be quite the task to squeeze in a visit with all of them in one weekend. But we managed to do it, and had a great time!… Along with other fun things thrown into the agenda!

We kicked off the weekend on Friday with the task of washing our cars. They desperately needed it. So Scott suggested that’s what we do. I automatically assumed we would drive over to genie car wash and get them taken care of. Scott already had plans of washing them ourselves. I reluctantly agreed. After helping each other with each car, we were done in no time. I always seem to take the “easy way out”, and need Scott to talk me into things, but once it’s over, I’m so thankful that he does.

We ended the night with some TV time (first season of OITNB!) and cuddles with Mac.
mac cuddles
Saturday came early, as it always does. We drank a cup of coffee and were off to the gym for some sweaty boxing. GREAT way to start a Saturday! I decided I wanted to do body drop as well, so I took Scott home and headed back up to the gym for class #2. Body drop is a dance class with booty shaking, choreography, and hip hop music. It’s a good amount of cardio, which I’m always okay with.

I finished the afternoon with a few errands and a day time nap.

We celebrated my dad on Saturday night with Mexican food at Serranos with his family. Mmm I’m a sucker for Mexican food. Would you be surprised if I said I ate it three times this weekend? … And I’m the worst at remembering to whip out my camera for a photo, so I put this little collage together of all my dads.

My dad, step dad Bob, and father in law Milo

The food was delish and the company was just as good. It’s always fun getting to catch up with them since we don’t get to visit with them all that often, which needs to change!

We ended dinner around 7:30, and Scott and I were making our way back South when we decided we weren’t quite ready to get back home. We went to Main Event for some bowling action. When we got there, they sold us on an awesome deal they had going on. By the time we had left, we’d played a game of pool, 3 games of bowling, glow in the dark golf, and some arcade games. It was a blast!!!

glow golf
My shirt glowing under the black light during putt putt

Sunday we woke up slow, had a small breakfast and made our way out to Georgetown for dad celebration #2. My mom cooked us lunch and we got some quality time in with both my mom and Bob. We also got to talk about finalizing our beach trip that we’re planning for August.

Scott and I stopped off at target on the way home to pick up a last minute gift… and we couldn’t resist an icee.
target icee
I got home just in time to squeeze in a yoga session.
It was a small class which made it easier for the instructor to point out our flaws… Oh man. I tweeted yesterday that I wish I liked “practicing” yoga as much as I liked the thought of it… and it’s so true. I am not flexible, AT ALL! So I always seem to get embarrassed going to a yoga class almost to the point of opting out. Because I’ll never be a long and lean yogi or be able to do some of the moves in yoga. I’m just not made that way, and that’s fine. I just have to look past my lack of flexibility and embrace what I can do… At least I have the strength part going for me.

I went home to quickly change so I could be ready to celebrate my father in law for our last fathers day celebration. We met up with the in-laws, SIL laura and her boyfriend at Lupe tortilla for fajitas. We ended up moving to the bar for the remainder of the meal because we wanted to watch the Spurs game! Wow, what an amazing game. The Spurs are such a class act and they definitely deserved the win! It was a great ending to an equally great weekend!


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