Paddle boarding

Yesterday on my way in to work, I got a call from Scott asking if I wanted to go paddle boarding… I thought about it for a second, and responded with yes!!! Since he was at home still, I sent him around the house to gather my swim suit, sandals, and clothing and our date was set! We met at the rowing dock around 5. Week day rentals are cheaper  than the weekends, so it was perfect for a day date. We went a total of 2.43 miles, from the rowing dock to the Lamar bridge. Such a good workout, I highly recommend it!
photo 4photo 3photo 1photo 4photo 5photo 2photo 3photo 2photo 1         photo 5


*linking up with Shanna because she said so :)

3 thoughts on “Paddle boarding

    1. Tiff!!!! I’ve missed you. Yes, you and Dan would love paddle boarding. And next year Porter will be able to join y’all too. I saw the cutest family the other day out there, the little one just sitting on the front of the board. So cute!

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