Melvin update

Melvin is almost two years old, so I thought it would be fun to recap some of this pictures throughout the last year. My instagram overflows with melvie grams, so you can find more there!
water bucket
DOB: 7-7-12

Size: About 40 pounds… a very medium size pup!

Nicknames: Melvie, Dozer, Melverton, Melv, fraggle rock, little shit.

Likes: His “biggest fan” that he sleeps with, stealing the frisbee from Mac, giving hugs, cleaning Mac’s ears, biting the hose water, putting his paws in the water bowl, stealing ANYTHING to chew on,  burrowing his head between the couch cushions,  “too cute” on animal planet, laying with his legs flat on the ground, and his kinnel.

Dislikes: crunchy peanut butter(he thinks the peanuts are hidden pills), when I give Mac attention and not him, when he is left inside while Mac and I have disc time, the windshield wipers in the car and being hot.
bed layer dozin green pawsscotts spot i'm a keeper lap sitting merry christmas recent  scott's spot


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