Running in the rain

Central Texas was hit with some crazy thunderstorms and lightning last night that brought in a cold front and left temperatures in the 50’s this morning! Us Texans are quite surprised by the chilly air, but WE WILL TAKE IT. Pretty soon it will be unbearable!

running in the rain
$10 costco shirt…that I love!

But before the thunder and lightning started yesterday, I took a little run around the neighborhood. When I started it was just sprinkling then at the half way point it started pouring! There’s something so fun about running in the rain. It’s really refreshing too!

I got in a total of about 2.7 miles. I used this handy website that calculated my distance. It was so helpful! I don’t like running with map my run, but I’m always curious how far I go. So this tool is perfect for doing just that.  I was happy with the distance.
running map
I’m hoping to get another run in considering the temperature has dropped and the awful humidity has subsided. Happy Tuesday my friends!


One thought on “Running in the rain

  1. You are redefining the quote, ““Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” Author Unknown Maybe we should change it to running in the rain.

    I hope your humidity stays away. I can take the heat and the cold but not the humidity. Happy running to you!

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