Bridal details

In honor of our upcoming Anniversary, I thought I’d write a post on bridal details from our wedding day.

  • Dress: I wore a Tara Keely dress from Spring 2012 collection. I am in love with the lace and a semi fit flair style


  • Veil: I bought my veil at Blush as well. I wanted a simple veil, with no extra beading or lace. The one I wore was perfect. It was fingertip length and came to a v at the bottom. Although I didn’t get to wear it for the whole ceremony, I still got some great pictures with it afterwards.


  • Sash: The sash I wore came with the dress… I thought I wanted a fabric flower on my sash, but I fell in love with jewel/pearl studded belt. It gave that extra pizzazz and sparkle that brought the whole look together.


  • Garter: I found my garters on etsy. They were exactly what I was looking for.  I guess I ordered them in the wrong size because before the wedding even started, I could feel them slipping! So I didn’t wear one! I did sneak away right before the garter toss to slip one back on.


  • Shoes: Finding exactly what I was looking for was a DOOZY! I had bought a pair some months before, but I wasn’t completely sold. They were grandma kitty heels (that aren’t even worth posting a picture of)…  I still really wanted a wedge for walking in the grass. I was shopping at langford market when I came across my dream wedding shoe…but they weren’t my size. I went home and searched and searched for them online and finally came across a website that looked a little sketch, but I ordered them anyways. I normally wear a 7 but they only had a 6.5 so I wasn’t even sure if they’d fit. They arrived the Thursday before the wedding and fit like a glove…err sock… anyways It was totally a Cinderella moment. BONUS: my new wedding shoes were $50 less than the kitty heels!#winning You best believe I returned those, meow!


  • Earrings: OK, I’ll tell you my secret. I had my eye on these earrings, but checked Sam Moon first to see what they had. I got almost identical earrings for less than half the cost of the ones I found on Etsy. I’m all about deals my friends!
  • Something OLD: My great grandmothers antique bracelet that I was gifted at one of my bridal showers.
  • Something NEW: My wedding dress.
  • Something BORROWED: My moms antique diamond ring
  • Something BLUE: Undergarments :)
  • Gown preservation: I used wedding gown preservation co which was recommended by the boutique where I bought my dress. Preserving your dress is so bittersweet. I love that it will stay clean and it won’t yellow, but I hate that I can’t wear it! Especially on my Anniversary. I guess I’ll just have to admire it from inside the box.

(all photo credit to Doberenz photography)


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