BBQ cook off

This weekend was all about the BBQ! Scott traveled to Round Rock, smoker in tow,  for his first ever BBQ cook off competition!
traveling with smoker
Wow, was it a lot of work, but boy was it good! The team members turned in chicken, ribs, and brisket. Chicken took home 10th place, while the ribs and brisket just won our bellies. I was definitely satisfied with how everything turned out. I even gave Scott the OK for us to join another cook off some time! ;)
scott and the smoker
scott freaking out
good times
It was great experience for Scott, and his brisket was definitely the BEST brisket he has ever made! He did a salt/pepper rub on one, and his own rub on another… Both VERY tasty. I’m salivating as I type this actually.
mom and janie
me and bailey
The show wasn’t over… It was 6 o’clock, actually I had no idea what time it was, but I knew it was time for the award ceremony. I did what any wife would do… embarrassed my husband in front of hundreds of people by awarding him with a homemade trophy for his grilling skillz…Sorry husband!
hiding scotts award
bbq award
I think he’ll forgive me someday…
bbq love


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