Over the weekend we did some much needed yard work. What started out as mowing the lawn, turned into pulling weeds, planting shrubs, and laying grass.

I’m almost embarrassed with how bare our front flower bed has looked for the last 2 years! Last season Scott and I worked on it for the first time(ever)… Removing huge limestone rocks, a random tree in front of the window, ripping out weeds, and reseeding our yard.

This is the front yard right after we ripped out grass weeds and reseeded, about 1.5 years ago.
Brooke Hamilton Blog
A few months later, we put weed block and metal edging around the flower bed. We had plans of planting shrubs, and flowers… Well, one year later, the flower bed still looks the same, shrubless and flowerless (except we have grass now!!!!)
Brooke Hamilton BlogWe were on a mission to transform our yard over the weekend(finally!), so we set off to Home Depot. We picked out four indian hawthorn and two knock out roses. Here’s the before and after pictures.
Brooke Hamilton Blog Brooke Hamilton BlogWe could use some more grass for this area.
Brooke Hamilton BlogThis is huge guys! It’s finally starting to come together. I got six bunches of petunias too that I plan on planting in front of the shrubs to add some color! I’m so excited. I’ll hopefully get them planted on Wednesday!


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