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I added all the songs we used in my wedding recaps, but I also wanted to list the songs in one centralized post here. For someone planning a wedding, it’s good to know what songs are needed for specific parts of the ceremony/reception. I’m big into music, so I was thinking about our special songs throughout the whole engagement. They had to be ‘just’ right! I feel as if the ones we picked couldn’t have been more perfect…


  • Grandparents and parents walked down to “crazy love” by Michael Buble.
  • Officiant, Groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids walked down to “love me tender” by Norah Jones.
  • Bride walked down to “Angel” by Jack Johnson.
  • Is this love” by Bob Marley for our recessional.


  • Bride and Groom enter to “You are the best thing” by Ray LaMontagne.
  • Bride and Groom first dance “I won’t give up” by Jason Mraz. This one was tough for us to pick out. We had this one on a list of about 5 others and couldn’t decide on one. Well a few weeks before the wedding, we were at a premarital counselling session and the counselor started to play this song for the class. So we took that as a sign. That’s when we decided that would be our first dance song.
  • My dad and I danced to the first verse of Johnny Cash’s “You are my sunshine“, while me and my step dad danced to the second verse. The most PERFECT song for us.
  • Scott and his mom danced to a shortened version of “you got a friend” by James Taylor.
  • Save the last dance for me” by Michael Buble was our “last dance” song.

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