Wow, last week was a rough one. I’m past the road to recovery and can confirm that I’m back to full health. Within the last week, I have figuratively been to hell and back.

Last Monday felt a lot like this Monday. I was well rested, in a great mood and ready for a productive week…But that just wasn’t in the cards for me, my body had a different plan.

I came home from work and a wave a nausea hit me. I was sicker than a dog from that point forward. Apparently it’s been going around because everyone I’ve talked to since, said they had the same thing the week prior. Bottom line, it was horrible!!!

I did manage to get a few things done during my time being sick.

Melvin kept me company. My sickness didn’t keep him from giving me kisses.

melvin kisses
I got a chance to set up our new bedroom lamps. Last weekend I did a little bit of shopping to prepare for a shower I’m hosting in April and came across lamps at Hobby Lobby(they were 50% off!). That 50% was all I needed to see to finally decide that we needed an upgrade. I went with these… A bit lot more modern than what we had before.
new lamp
I also picked up a shadow box for some wedding memorabilia that I’ve had laying around  for almost a year! Now to actually hang it up somewhere…
Brooke Hamilton Blog
These beauties arrived in the mail and I’m excited to get some use out of them. Finally, some cute and comfortable wedges that will probably last forever.
and last but not least, my puppy Melvin. He definitely put a smile on my face when I was feeling pretty crummy.
happy melvin

I’m excited to get back into the gym this week and possibly do some gardening! Most of all, I’m just happy to not be sick anymore!


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