I’ll never be one of those girls that wears a ton of makeup. It’s just not who I am… and to be honest, I have no idea what to buy or how to apply it and I’m cheap… But I will say that it’s amazing what a little amount of makeup can do to a woman’s self-esteem!

I ventured out to the beauty store to pick up some makeup, specifically eye brow filler. I didn’t know anything of the sort existed until I saw someones before and after picture on instagram. I was sold! I wondered around Ulta looking for this magical eye brow filler, and finally ran into a person that worked there. I explained what I was looking for and voilà! This was handed to me. Let me confirm… It is magical! Now that I am a brunette, I needed eye brows to match. I’m happy to say that this is exactly what I was looking for. They still look natural, without the drawn on look that I was NOT looking for…

shameless iPhone pic for the win!… I really should show a before picture. My regular eye brows are really patchy.
Brooke Hamilton Blog
I also picked up BB Cream, mascara and some new blush(sweet cheeks). BB cream is another makeup changer. Loving how it evens out my skin and it’s spf 25, which is win/win in my book. Since it was my first time trying it, I went with a really affordable kind by Rimmel London-lite… I’m really liking it!

Makeup can be a good thing, which I’m sloooowly learning!


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