Cocktail hour

Eh, so it wasn’t really an hour. The cocktail hour was more like 45 min. We opened up the bar and served four kinds of h’orderves. It was open bar(score!) and people were raving with how good the h’orderves were. The wait staff served pork pot stickers, grilled brie/raspberry sandwiches(my favorite), bacon wrapped scallops and some kind of endive as our vegetarian option. Wish we got more pictures of the delicious food, but I just have this one of the pot stickers… mmmm.
While the wedding guests were getting liquored up, the rest of the family and wedding party stayed back and took a few more wedding photos and had a few drinks ourselves before joining the rest of the party.

We all gathered around, chatted and squealed with excitement. It was official, we were married! I was so giddy! Seriously, everyone had an overly goofy smile that they could not get rid of. It was such a great feeling to see everyone around us so supportive and happy for us.
In that moment, I realized that wow we just got married and I immediately start bawling! Which brought tears out of others… Don’t worry, they were happy tears!
Puffy eyes^^^^

A few weeks prior to the wedding, we were over at Thane and Amy’s house, and Thane showed us this ridiculous horse head and I insisted that he bring it to the wedding! Well come wedding day, I completely forget all about that. Thane isn’t one to disappoint… He walks over with the head and of course we have to reenact our vows.
Those pictures are hilarious! Thanks to Thane for remembering to bring it!

We were off to join the rest of the group and get the reception started!
(all photos courtesy of Doberenz photography)

To be continued…


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