Wolf creek: Day 4

Day four was technically our “rest” day. Rest day meaning we didn’t go skiing… We did however do a whole lot of other fun things!

After breakfast we traveled over to a “point of interest” called Treasure Falls. We brought our snowshoes along with us for some hiking. The falls were absolutely amazing. I’ve actually never been snowshoeing before, but I can say that I really liked it. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly a good workout.



Treasure Falls!!!


IMG_1694 IMG_1695

Of course we had to get a selfie with the falls



The views were amazing! It didn’t hurt that it turned out to be a gorgeous day too!



After our hike, we thought it would be good time to go check out the natural hot springs.

Sidenote: We were surprised with a postcard and two tickets to the hot springs when we checked into our cabin. My mom and Bob were driving through Pagosa Springs a few weeks ago and left our tickets with the office. It was such a sweet gesture!


We took advantage of the springs after snowshoeing.

This is overlooking the pools.


The first one we went to was about 100 degrees! It was like a warm bath… All natural heating. It was incredible!



This is what it looks like in it’s raw form.


The mineral water was so soothing, and made our skin really soft. A lot of people were asking if we were freezing after getting out… Well actually, no we were sweating! I had to keep getting out to cool off when we were in the 105 degree pool. But, it was SO relaxing! You can just pop around to different pools with different temperatures.

Since the springs are right in the middle of downtown, we decided to walk around the little town and check out the shops. We came across this little sign and had to take it home with us. It’s just so fitting.


We had dinner at a little mexican hole in the wall that was recommended by a local. It was good. But I guess just different than the Tex-Mex I get in Austin. I’ve realized I have talked a lot about food this trip. Scott said we are eating our way through Pagosa. I guess it’s not that bad when you’re skiing/hiking all day long. That’s what I’m going with anyways!

We got home, played a few games of yahtzee and went to sleep!


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