Wolf creek: Day 3

Much like day 1 and 2, we woke up early, got breakfast and set off to go skiing. We bought a three day ski pass on our first day, so it was our last day with the pass… hallelujah …it wasn’t THAT bad, but my legs were definitely feeling the strain. Thankfully, it wasn’t snowing and it was clear skies, which helped a lot!

Scott made a deal with me… If I took a ski lesson then he would play a game with me later that night. For some reason I was being such a brat, and just wanted to ski alone, at my own pace. So yes, I eventually agreed to do the class so we could play games. I signed up for a group lesson from 10-12. No one showed up for the lesson in my group, so it turned out to be a private!  The lesson did help reinstate a lot of rules and strategies that I needed to be reminded of. I’m officially a blue skier and doing parallel turns. My instructor was surprised that it was only my 5th skiing trip and he told me I was doing a very good job. :)

Scott and I were feeling really tired, so we took advantage of a daytime nap. We didn’t take the dogs out to the field today, but we did get a walk in. They were being bums too.

photo 1 (2) copy
Our night was just what I needed. We woke up from our nap and went to dinner at a brewery called Pagosa Brewing & Grill. We got a pizza and Scott enjoyed two freshly brewed beers. I was really impressed with the place. It was very cozy and the pizza was great!

We came home, lit a fire, and played two games of yahtzee. It was perfect!

photo 2 (1) copy

…Now for our rest day!


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