Wolf creek: Day 1

Scott and I set off early Saturday morning for our annual skiing road trip. We usually go to Angel Fire, NM but we thought it was be fun to change it up this year, so we picked Wolf Creek. We found the most ADORABLE lodging in Pagosa Springs called High Country Lodge. The best part about it is that we were able to bring our dogs! It’s been fun traveling with our fur babies. They did such a great job on the road too.
IMG_4297 IMG_4304 photo
We finally arrived around 6:30pm on Saturday night. We took it easy, unpacked and got some dinner at a local bar and grille.

The next morning we got a late start, well later then we are used to. The lodge serves breakfast from 7-9(awesome perk!), so we headed over there around 8:30. I snapped this picture of our cute little cabin. I’ll be sure to post a better picture in another post, maybe today!
After breakfast, we suited up, 4 layers deep, and headed out to the mountain. It’s about 15 miles from where we’re staying.
IMG_4307 IMG_4309
The morning actually stated off quite nicely! It was around 32 degrees and the sun was out. We got on the mountain around 11:30 and skied until 3. I have to share that it was the BEST skiing I’ve ever done. I love wolf creek. I am not a very aggressive  skier, and I love taking my time and going slow. But yesterday was a whole other story. I was feeling really confident, skiing really well. I even went down some moguls(on accident), but I didn’t fall! Scott kept telling me how proud he was of me. It was sweet.
photo (1)

These two photos were taken around 2. A winter storm had blown in, and it got quite chilly. Poor Scott, I’m always requesting that he take my photo, even in the blizzard.
photo (2)
I was going on one of my last runs and had to take this picture… You really could only see about 5 feet in front of you while skiing. I waited for some more people to pass me after taking this picture so I could use them as a reference and follow them down.
We saw a few national forests on the way to the mountain and thought they’d be fun to take our pups to after skiing. We picked them up and we were off. They were running around, fetching sticks and trying to stay above the snow. They were a hoot.
IMG_4311 IMG_4313 photo (3)
Melvin ended up with huge clumps of snow on his fur. I’m sure he was freezing.
photo (4) photo (5)
The rest of our night was not pictured:

  • Bathing Melvins snow clumps off.
  • Soaking in the hot tub… Ok, maybe that’s the best perk of our lodging :) I totally recommend hot tubbing with snow surrounding you. It’s amazing and incredibly relaxing.
  • Debating on where to eat dinner. Then realizing the new season of walking dead was returning and coming on at 7. So we ate animal crackers and a meat/cheese tray for dinner and watched the walking dead.
  • Brooke going to bed right after the walking dead ended… which means, I went to bed at 8 o’clock. It was glorious.

Today’s agenda: Breakfast, ski, dinner.


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