Football wreath

Originally I went online to look for some inspiration for creating a football themed wreath. We have become the official Super Bowl Party throwers in our group of friends, so I thought it was be fun to put out a themed wreath. I had envisioned a green and white yarn wrapped wreath, with some football decorations. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I came up with this!


My husband and I love watching football, and we throw the super bowl party, so this wreath will get some good hang time in our house hold.

wreath makingI didn’t actually get any photos while making it, except this one. It will give you an idea of how I managed to wrap with two colors instead of just one.


  1. Measured the outside of the wreath. Mine was 44 inches.
  2. I divided 44/11, for 4 inch sections. The first 3 inches would be the green, and the 1 inch would be the white.
  3. I marked the back of the wreath with the measurements to help guide me, and began wrapping.
  4. For the football decoration, I just add a mum flower and decorated it with a football helmet, #1, and a star. Very generic and perfect for any football team!

football wreath
I actually had a lot of fun making this wreath and it was relatively easy! It took me back to when we’d make homecoming mums in high school. Does everyone do that? It was definitely cool to be covered in mums during homecoming week. 
Happy Super Bowl weekend! 


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