Our first look

Love his reaction :)
Taking it all in…
Scottie like
He made that silly face in all of our pictures hugging… Men.
Scott and I both decided to do a first look. I had looked at so many other couples “first looks” and I loved how their pictures turned out. It was something I really wanted for us! Plus, it helped ease our nerves tremendously! After seeing Scott I felt like there was nothing to be nervous about. I was seriously floating on cloud nine. People were saying they were so surprised at how calm and at ease I was… I was just so happy! And I was trying to take in all the excitement and live in the moment. You know when people tell you “It goes by so fast…” well I didn’t want it to feel that way. I was not stressed, I was living in that moment, right then and there. IT was an amazing experience. Loved having our little moment together…Even if we are a little awkward in front on the camera ;)

To be continued…

(all photos courtesy of the talented Allen Doberenz)


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