Just like I had three bridesmaids, Scott had three groomsmen.
Two best friends, and one new brother!
These guys were a hoot. Chris was cracking me up with his sly guy gestures, and smooth operator attitude…
The guys all rented suits from Al’s Formal Wear, which I was kind of embarrassed to mention because when I thought of Al’s Formal Wear, I thought of high school suit rental for prom. But I found that there was nothing wrong with them! They were reasonable, easy to locate for all guys, had really great customer service and they had the best suit style that I was looking for. We ultimately wanted what was easiest and most affordable for all the guys. The rental included a white shirt, vest, jacket, bow-tie, pants and shoes. It was a great package deal. I was so pleased with them!
Their bow-ties were a fun, quirky addition that matched the guys personalities perfectly…
Not only are they fun, but loving, supportive and just good guys. I have no doubt that they will always be there for Scott, just like they have in previous years.
I have come to consider these guy my close friends as well, and I’m so happy to have them be a part of our “family.”
I just love this picture so much, it really speaks louder than words. They are adorable in the bond they’ve already created together. It really makes my heart happy. :)

To be continued…

(all photos courtesy of the talented Allen Doberenz)


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