I shared the alter with three Bridesmaids.

My two best friends Bailey and Anne, and my future sister in law, April.


I had so much fun being with them throughout the whole wedding process and those last few days leading up to the wedding. They were a great support system, and kept me positive.


My bridesmaids wore a Bill Levkoff, navy blue,  chiffon dress with three little fabric flowers on the left side of the sweetheart. With the help from my maid of honor, Bailey, we chose this dress!


I wasn’t too picky on what shoes they wore, I just requested that they be a nude color, and possibly a wedge to make it easier with walking in the grass.


The day of the wedding I gave them each a set of earrings and necklace in soft pink to match my theme. I got them from a shop on etsy, LaLaCrystal. Links to earrings and necklace. I will say I was a tad disappointed with the earrings. They didn’t come with those little rubber backs, so some of the girls lost an earring, but by some miracle my cousin saw it in the grass and picked it up. I felt bad! But at least they found it, right?


I gave Bailey, my Maid of Honor, this Kate Spade bridesmaid bangle, and I couldn’t be happier that I found that for her. It was perfect!! She deserved it, considering everything she helped me with throughout the whole wedding process. She seriously has a heart of gold.


Love these ladies!

To be continued…

(all photos courtesy of the talented Allen Doberenz)


5 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. Somehow I missed that you started blogging again! Following along now! And I’m so excited to see these beautiful pictures of your special day. What a beautiful bride you were!

    1. Hehe!!! Well I didn’t exactly share I had a new blog… Just kinda started again! So don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything! I’m glad you found my secret new blog :):):) I was wanting so badly to recap my wedding, so I finally am! It feels good to be back!

  2. ummmmm holy gorgeousness!!!! and when did you start bloggin again?!?!
    love the hangers for the gal’s dresses…i had a similar one for my wedding dress.and can we just talk about those bouquets for a hot minute…beautiful!!!

    1. Haha… Well I kind of just started this new blog one day, and didn’t tell anyone… Ooops! I didn’t like my old one and kind of just abandoned it. So I’ve been trying to move things over, and get used to wordpress. I was tired of putting blogging on the back burner, so I finally made myself get back to it! I made it a goal to recap my wedding by our one year anniversary! It’s been really fun reliving that day!!! Gotta love looking at wedding photos!

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