Getting ready

So many memorable things happened on our wedding day that one post can’t do it justice. I’ll begin the wedding recap with the first post being “Getting ready.” This post will encompass all things from the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to meet my groom!
The day started off a little something like this…

Receiving this wake up text from my best friend, Anne, while lying next to my other best friend, Bailey. I sprung out of bed, ready to take on the day! My wedding day was FINALLY here! I was excited!

Bailey and I traveled from the hotel over to salon uffizi, where we met up with the other ladies to get our hair done, including my mom, aunt Sally, aunt Kim, April, Bailey and Anne!
 photo brunchsetup_zps5a93f60b.jpgAunt Sally brought a whole bunch of yummy food for us to all snack on. I surprised myself by actually wanting to eat something. I wasn’t feeling too nervous, just anxious!

After getting our hair done, around 12:30, we went back over to the hotel to eat lunch, apply makeup, my bridesmaids put on their dresses, and got prepared for the wedding!! The second shooter arrived at the hotel around 3 to capture the afternoon…
My talented friend Breanne did my make up for the wedding, and boy was I pleased. I wear minimal make up as it is, so I didn’t want anything too drastic, and she honored my requests. I have never looked more beautiful in my life, than on my wedding day and most of that credit goes to Breanne… I’m so grateful for her.
Once everyone was finished with makeup, it was time to head to the venue… I remember the traffic being SO bad on our way over to the venue. A trip that was supposed to be about 10 min turned into 35 min. Talk about nerve-wracking. Surprisingly, I was sooo at ease! Bailey said she was starting to freak out when we were stuck on the congress bridge, and looked back at me, and I was just in my own little world, smiling to myself. I couldn’t let some traffic get to me. I was getting married, dangit!
We eventually arrived at Green Pastures.

I was ready to slip into my dress and go find my groom! (We did a first look) Right as we arrived, all the other venders did too! The hustle and bustle of everyone, venders, parents, aunts and uncles was in full swing. It was so special to see everyone working together to put on this amazing event for me and Scott. My girls and I shared some bubbly in the gorgeous bridal suite while I finished getting ready.
While we were in the bridal suite, the florist delivered the bouquets and I was BLOWN AWAY with how gorgeous they were. They were PERFECT!
I’m putting on the garters in this picture but I didn’t actually wear them for any part of the wedding. Before the wedding started, I could tell they were going to slide right off my leg if I tried to wear them for the wedding. So I went without! I slipped away right before the garter toss to put one on. No one knew a thing ;)
I pinned my something old on to my dress. It’s a 150 year old antique bracelet that my mom handed down to me at one of my bridal showers. It was my moms, and then my aunts, now it’s mine. It’s very special to me and I was honored to have that as my something old.
Then I was off to find my handsome groom for our first look…
Once we were finished with the first look, we came back upstairs to touch up our makeup and to put on my veil and get wedding ready…
This is also the same moment my friend Amy broke out a bottle of tequila, and surprised us all with shots, limes and all…
I think we were all feeling much more comfortable walking down the aisle once we had our liquid encouragement.

To be continued….

(All Professional pictures courtesy of Allen Doberenz)


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