Hazel: seven months

Our chunky girl is 7 months old! We’re having a blast watching her grow and learn. She’s become so curious lately and has to touch/feel/grab all of the things. And most of the time, puts them in her mouth, aka teething. Her teeth are so close to breaking through!

Ok, here’s her 7 month update!

  • Hazel only sleeps on her tummy. When we put her down on her back, she immediately rolls over, sticks her thumb in her mouth and is OUT! She also has started rotating throughout the night and will go a whole 360 degrees!
  • On a low note, she suffered from her first UTI :( It was HORRIBLE seeing her in pain before we got her started on antibiotics. She was doing so much better after 2 doses. Hopefully these won’t be a reoccurring thing!
  • Hazel is officially sitting up on her own!
  • We went on our first family “vacation” out to Fredericksburg for daddy’s BBQ competition and another trip out to San Antonio with the whole Hamilton family. She did great on the go and slept like a champ in her pack n play!
  • We finally found some food she that she likes(tolerates)… Mostly just fruits right now: bananas, pears, apple/cinnamon/oats… Apples by themselves are too tart for her right now. She makes the funniest faces! The teacher at preschool is also starting to feed her an ounce of food a day so she’s getting more practice. I think we’re going to try strawberries soon!
  • It took her a while but she can finally roll from belly to back!
  • She is not crawling yet but she does get up on her hands and knees and scoots herself backwards. She’s getting stronger and stronger every day!
  • Hazel finally had her first lake experience! We went out to visit my dad and went swimming in Lake Travis. Lake Austin is still a little bit too cold for her at this age.


Hazel: six months old

Our baby is half a year old!!! WHAT!?! This girl brings us SO much joy and happiness. I have loved seeing her personality pop through this month. She’s very go with the flow and content but can also be very interactive and loves when you talk with her. She is an observer and loves looking at people and walking around outside, looking at the trees and shadows and leaves. Here is the latest with our big girl…

  • Her sleep is great! We lay her down in her crib at night and she will fall right to sleep at 7pm and will sleep until 6am. Naps are a little different. We have a hard time getting her to fall asleep for a nap if we’re out and about. She has a serious case of FOMO. Also, she has started sleeping on her side like a big girl!
  • Some of her favorite things are when you fake sneeze, play peekaboo, “flying” around the room, mirror time, and the jumpy bouncer.
  • Some of my favorite things are her huge smile after a series of sneezes, her early morning energy/kicks/babbles. It’s my favorite part of the day!
  • Started to finally LOVE bath time! She loves kicking and splashing around and doesn’t mind when water is splashed in her face/head.
  • Major teething and so much drool! Getting her to sleep when she is in pain is a task. She takes well to small doses of Tylenol though, so if she’s having a really hard time, she is able to take Tylenol and get some good quality rest.
  • She started the month in size 2 diapers and wearing 6 month clothes but is quickly growing out of both. By the end of the month, she already needed bigger size diapers and was wearing 9 months clothes.
  • Hazel loves observing but loves just as much interacting! She’ll get super excited and talk back with little babbles and squeals.
  • She has started reaching towards the dogs and when I go to wrap her arms around their neck, she gets so giddy and erupts in laughter. It’s SO CUTE! She loves her puppy brothers!

  • Huge milestone: We spent two nights away from Hazel while we traveled to Portland for a long weekend. Scott was already there for a conference the week prior and then I flew out to meet him Friday morning. Hazel stayed with her grandparents Friday night and stayed with a sitter at our house on Saturday night. She did great with both!!! Gah, you know I was a nervous wreck before leaving but everything turned out great! We really enjoyed our time together and it was great to get away and recharge.
  • Hazel started running her hands across the bars of her crib in the morning. It’s a hilarious wake up call!
  • She tried baby cereal for the first time and is not a fan! Hopefully by month 7 she’ll be more interested in food.

Hazel: five months old

I feel like this month really flew by! Hazel just keeps getting more and more fun. This baby has seriously been a blessing… I was never around babies much before I had Hazel, but according to everyone, she is a really great baby. She’s so happy and content(as long as she has a nap ;) ) and so much fun to be around. We love our sweet girl!

look at those thighs :)
  • This month we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together as a family. We took a trip out to Marble Falls for breakfast at Bluebonnet Cafe and spent the rest of the afternoon at Becker Vineyards. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Hazel even napped on the go in her stroller!
  • Hazel started rolling over for the first time at 18 weeks! It was very occasional but now she’s constantly rolling over. Although, once she rolls on to her tummy, she can’t roll back over to her back. We have a little rollie pollie on our hands!
  • Transitioned out of the swaddle and into the sleep sack. She’s wearing 6 month clothes and size two diapers… But not for long!
  • She started swim lessons and LOVED being in the water. We’ve been swimming in some friends pools since then too. She was so relaxed, she even fell asleep on her floaty haha! Pool time has seriously helped her get more comfortable in the water. She LOVES bath time now!
  • She is a thumb sucker through and through. It’s totally soothing for her.
  • She loves raspberries and motor-boating her lips. Seriously the cutest thing ever!
  • She’s started grabbing onto her feet and holds on to them, like the happy baby pose in yoga.
  • Hazel has been baby babbling a lot, mostly in the morning, and has so much energy. Mornings are definitely my favorite! Her high pitched squeals and coos kill me!

I can’t wait to see her stats are her 6 month well visit!