Hazel: twelve months

Happy Birthday Hazel!!! We finally reached the big ONE year milestone! I honestly can’t believe we’re already celebrating our baby’s first Birthday. A lot of life has been lived in these last twelve months! Here’s what we accomplished this month!

  • Hazel was a reindeer in her first school performance. We were sooo giddy with excitement, watching her on stage. Her and her classmates “danced” to grandma got run over by a reindeer. She clapped for the audience and made everyone laugh. So adorable.
  • She has quite the appetite these days and will pretty much eat anything. She LOVES spaghetti. Also, she tried broccoli and likes it! I was shocked!
  • It was our last month of formula and the transition to milk has been seamless. We also transitioned out of the bottle and Hazel took it like a champ. All of the bottles have been packed away.
  • She has 6 teeth now! 2 on top and 4 on the bottom.
  • We celebrated her first Christmas and of course she was spoiled!
  • She has started to fake chuckle and it cracks us up!
  • She’s really into books and reading these days and will try and turn the pages on her own.
  • Everyone says Hazel has the sweetest demeanor and I have to agree. She likes to sit back and watch the room. We’ve started calling her Bernice because she’s just like her great great grandma and loves to stare ha!

The joy, happiness and love that this girl brings us is immeasurable. We are so thrilled we were chosen to be her parents.


Hazel: eleven months

I realize this post is waaaaay overdo, but I still wanted to keep track of all the milestones and fun things we did this month. 11 months was a wild one! Hazel is moving and grooving these days and is into everything. She is pulling up, walking around furniture and climbing.

  • Hazel has started to take interest in Melvin and loves chasing him around in her walker.
  • Speaking of the dogs, she has found their water bowl and LOVES splashing around. She also likes to steal the dog bones/toys and attempts to gnaw on them.
  • Hazel has been so sweet and has started showing affection. She will give big open mouth kisses, which we love. She loves when we nuzzle into her neck for tickles.
  • She intentionally said mama this month! She always seems to say it when she’s irritated, standing in her crib and wants our attention.
  • Lots of baby babbles and clicking her tongue.
  • She claps her hands when she is proud of herself or excited.
  • Bubbe gave Hazel her first taste of ice cream… peppermint, dads favorite!
  • We’ve noticed some protesting this month… She doesn’t like to be left in the room alone. She will lock out her legs and refuse to sit down ha!
  • She also haaates when we wipe her nose. I created a song and that seems to have helped :)

One more month until she is 1!

Hazel: ten months

Our BIG girl is 10 months old! So many fun and exciting things happened this month!

  • Earlier this month, she started crawling backwards but by the end of the month she was crawling!!! First time crawling on 10/28.
  • When she goes from crawling to sitting, she brings her legs forward to where she is sitting in the splits for a min or two. It’s hilarious!!!…her newest party trick.
  • She’s not doing this consistently, but we’ve seen her lean in and give kisses a couple of times. It’s so adorable.
  • We’ve been watching her eye color change and now I’m not sure what color they’re going to be! They’re definitely looking more brown than blue though… We’ll see!
  • When she’s standing in her walker or sitting in her highchair, she will lean over and watch us leave a room and waits for us to come back.
  • For the most part, she still hates chunks in her food. She tolerates it sometimes but it’s so hit or miss. It’s been a slow transition. I feel like we’ve made some big progress though!
  • I started clapping and she started mimicking me. It’s the cutest thing ever!!!
  • Hazel had her first ear infection on Halloween and had to go into the Doctor the next day for antibiotics. She bounced back pretty quickly though!
  • We will still hold her and rock her like a baby when she’s getting tired. She much prefers being rocked laying back rather than being rocked upright.
  • She has started to pull up on any and everything. Dad had to baby proof the house.