Hazel: nine months

Month 9 flew by! Meaning I only jotted down a few notable things this month…

  • We noticed that she has started to find her voice. No specific words yet but a lot of squeals, yells, and grunts.
  • She has become much more opinionated and protests more. She makes it known when she’s not getting her way!
  • She is not crawling yet but wants to soooo bad! She get’s seriously frustrated when she’s stuck sitting down and can’t crawl with the big kids at daycare. She gets on all fours and her back starts to buckle and it looks like she’s twerking haha!
  • Food has been very hit or miss with Hazel. She loves purees but doesn’t like chunky foods yet. Her gag reflex is still really strong and she can’t seem to want to swallow bigger chunks. Slowly but surely!
  • For Halloween this year, she went as an owl! I ended up finding this costume at Target when they were 50% off! Score!


Hazel: eight months

This update is being posted really late, but better late than never! We’ve had more and more fun with our sweet girl. Here’s a few things that happened this month!

  • Hazel’s teeth arrived! Two of them to be exact! On 8/25.ย ย 
  • She can hold her own bottle now, which is a w e s o m e!!! Speaking of bottle, if we take the bottle away for just a second, she freaks out! She’s kinda obsessed.
  • She’s not crawling yet but she does scoot around in her walker and loves jumping in the jumperoo.
  • We’ve noticed that she’s not as babbly anymore, but instead, grunts all the time haha
  • She has started to recognize different people and family members and will sometimes get spooked. Stranger danger is here. But sometimes she surprises us and doesn’t freak out at all!
  • She has taken a liking to mamas whistling and it will usually settle her down quickly.
  • She loves watching me and Melvin run around together and just cracks up! It’s very entertaining to her.
  • We’ve noticed at night she’ll get in this very delusional phase and will be so giggly for no reason. It usually happens shortly before bed. It’s so silly!
  • She is loving food these days and has become a big fan of baby pureed food. Her favorite right now is peas and brown rice.

Hazel: seven months

Our chunky girl is 7 months old! We’re having a blast watching her grow and learn. She’s become so curious lately and has to touch/feel/grab all of the things. And most of the time, puts them in her mouth, aka teething. Her teeth are so close to breaking through!

Ok, here’s her 7 month update!

  • Hazel only sleeps on her tummy. When we put her down on her back, she immediately rolls over, sticks her thumb in her mouth and is OUT! She also has started rotating throughout the night and will go a whole 360 degrees!
  • On a low note, she suffered from her first UTI :( It was HORRIBLE seeing her in pain before we got her started on antibiotics. She was doing so much better after 2 doses. Hopefully these won’t be a reoccurring thing!
  • Hazel is officially sitting up on her own!
  • We went on our first family “vacation” out to Fredericksburg for daddy’s BBQ competition and another trip out to San Antonio with the whole Hamilton family. She did great on the go and slept like a champ in her pack n play!
  • We finally found some food she that she likes(tolerates)… Mostly just fruits right now: bananas, pears, apple/cinnamon/oats… Apples by themselves are too tart for her right now. She makes the funniest faces! The teacher at preschool is also starting to feed her an ounce of food a day so she’s getting more practice. I think we’re going to try strawberries soon!
  • It took her a while but she can finally roll from belly to back!
  • She is not crawling yet but she does get up on her hands and knees and scoots herself backwards. She’s getting stronger and stronger every day!
  • Hazel finally had her first lake experience! We went out to visit my dad and went swimming in Lake Travis. Lake Austin is still a little bit too cold for her at this age.